Capital Raising

The CenterCap Group advises on and structures capital raising transactions, including preferred, convertible equity and equity to assist clients in meeting their real estate growth objectives. Our clients include both public and private companies looking for capital to serve a variety of needs from seed equity, asset/portfolio funding, investment vehicle funding to corporate/entity level capital support. Specific capital raising services include:

  • Joint venture acquisition and/or development vehicles (single asset or program)
  • Divestures, spin-offs and dispositions
  • GP joint venture vehicles
  • Entity, joint venture and fund level recapitalizations & restructurings
  • Fund-level portfolio investments & capitalizations

Our firm has been involved in numerous capital raising transactions, including raising capital for portfolio acquisitions, joint venture transactions, capital raises for development programs, recapitalization of existing portfolios, programmatic capital to support sponsor GP and/or LP equity requirements, and sourcing seed and/growth capital for early stage companies.

The success of any capital raising transaction is in both devising the most productive and efficient uses of capital and the execution of the strategy. The latter requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of capital relationships as well as the ability to access it. Our professionals are dedicated to the real estate space and have spent years cultivating relationships spanning both users and sources of capital. The CenterCap Group provides an efficient roadmap to assist clients in realizing their capital raising objectives.


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